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Welcome to our chicken pages.  We currently raise two breeds of chickens; Bantam Araucanas and Large fowl Ameraucanas. 

In our Araucana flock (which numbers 6 now)  we have Cappy, our tuftless/tailless rooster,  Julianna, a black/silverduckwing recessive hen, Snowflake Obsidian, a tufted/ tailless hen,  SugarPop an UNTUFTED/TAILLESS hen, Angelina, a tufted/tailless hen/ and our new baby.. looks like he is going to tufted and tailless!!  We just started with this flock in June, so, only one hatch so far.  Molting and skunks seemed to stop egg production for awhile!

IN the Ameraucana flock,  we have several different colors brewing:  A blue flock, featuring Trill, a blue rooster,  Black, a black ameraucana and Golden Minerva, a blue wheaten hen.  We just hatched an egg from Trill and Squawk(another black hen)looks like another black baby.. quite possibly a rooster!   We also are working on a "splash" pen.. featuring Bratwurst, splash cockerel,  Squawk, a blck hen; and Silver Blue, a blue hen.  We also have a silver pen.. featuring a silver duckwing rooster named Fantasy; and his mate,  Sultana, who is a silver ameraucana hen.  IN the future we are planning on a white breeding pen.. so far, we have a hen and a pullet for this pen:  Chastity,  our show winner this summer and a nice white pullet, named Moon, who is just about ready to start laying. As of November 2008, we are in the process of hatching out white Ameraucana eggs. The hatch is due November 21, 2008.

We also have a mixed flock of laying eggs, who are strictly for egg production.. headed by Victor, our 5 yr old Black Austrolorp rooster and his ladies:  Esmeralda, a barred rock pullet; Ginger, an Easter egger pullet; HennyPenny, a rhode island red hen,  and Spangles, a black sexlink.

In our 2nd mixed flock we have aN Isa Brown rooster and hen and a mixed rir/ameraucana hen.  The roosters is named Handsom, his partners are Gretel and Big Red.

Take a look at our summer show winners.. Chastity, white Ameraucana hen,and Snowflake Obsidian, white Tufted/tailless Araucana bantam henand our only Silverlaced Wyandotte, pollyanna. 

Some babies available later this fall!


To the left:
Chastity at Comal County fair (Summer 2008)

1st place

To the right:
Snowflake Obsidian
Araucana Bantam Hen
1st place, Reserve B.O.B.
Comal County Fair (Summer 2008)


**Please note that Chastity and Snowflake both were shown at the LaGrange County Fair in September 2008. Chastity took her class and B.O.B. and Snowflake also took her class and tied for "people's choice award" with another Hen.
Above: Pollyanna, Silver laced wyandotte Hen. 1st in class and B.O.B. at LaGrange County Fair.
Above: Phantasy, Silver Duckwing Ameraucana Cockerel.  



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